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Skopelos Travel Guide

If your planing to travel to Skopelos, our travel guide provides information on how to get here.

villa-petalouthaSkopelos is part of the Northern Sporades islands set in the Aegean sea just off the East coast of mainland Greece, on this page you will find travel information detailing the different ways of getting to Skopelos.

As officially the greenest of the Greek islands, Skopelos is accessed by ferry into one of the two main ports of Skopelos Town or Loutraki (Glossa on the ferry time tables). There are ferries traveling to Skopelos all year that depart Volos daily and call at Skiathos, Glossa (on Skopelos), Skopelos town and Alonissos.

During the summer months ( May - October) there are also ferries sailing from out of Aigos Constantinos and Thessaloniki, the ferries make for a tranquil and relaxing way to begin your escape in the Aegean.

For those traveling from further afield there are several airports in Greece with excellent connections to Skopelos, Skiathos airport is the closest but there are also the mainland airports at Volos, Athens and Thessaloniki.

Travel by air to Skopelos

The nearest airports to Skopelos are Skiathos and Volos. Flights to Skiathos airport are available out of many European destinations from May through to October.      FLIGHTS FROM THE UK FOR JUNE 2014 NOW 254 STERLING POUNDS!!

There are also flights into Volos airport, Thessaloniki and Athens all year out of various European destinations. Below is a list of some of the airlines that currently fly to Skiathos, Volos, Athens and Thessaloniki:-

flights-to-skopelosAir Berlin

Ryan air





Lauda air

British Airways

Travel from Skiathos

Skiathos airport is the main airport servicing the Northern Sporades. From this airport it is a 5 minute taxi ride to the port costing a maximum of 10 euro, then 20 minutes on the ferry to the port of Glossa (known locally as Loutraki, but the ferry timetables refer to it as Glossa), or approximately a 45 minute ferry ride to get to the port of Skopelos Town.


Travel out of Volos

Volos airport was until recently owned by the Greek military. Flights from other EU countries have been using this airport for a couple of years. Now a civilian airport there are a number of airlines flying regularly to Volos airport from many European destinations. From the airport it is a 20 minute taxi ride to the port and then 2:00 hours ferry journey to Skopelos island, on the Flying Cat or 3:00 hours on the car ferry.

Travel from Athens

Athens airport has the biggest choice of airlines and is currently the quickest way to get here during the winter (mid October through to April).

There are two main choices, first is the shuttle flight directly to Skiathos, this takes about 20mins. Click here to view the Athensairways website. For your onward journey from Skiathos airport see above details for Skiathos.

The second choice is to get a bus from the airport to the bus station in Athens then another bus to Agios Constantinos. From here you catch the Flying Dolphin/Cat to Glossa. This journey takes about 30 minutes to the main bus station in Athens then about 3 hours bus ride to Agios Constantinos (service stop included) and finally 2:30 hours ferry journey to Skopelos.

Travel out of Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is Greece's second city and is located in Northern Greece.

There are plenty of airlines flying here all year round. From the airport its about a 45 minute bus journey (the number 78 bus runs about every 30 minutes from the airport to the main KTEL bus station, tickets are 80 cents) or a 20 minute journey by taxi (cost about 25 euro).

At the KTEL station you buy tickets to Volos from desk 18(cost is approximately 19€ per person). The journey takes about 2.5 along the Aegean coast to the port of Volos.

Please see above details for Volos about your onward journey. During the high summer months (July and August) there is a ferry that sails from Thessaloniki to Skopelos (this service changes each year so we will post more information when it becomes available)..

Travel by sea


Ferry journey from Volos to Skopelos is approx 2:30 hrs on the Flying Dolphin/Cat or 3:30hrs on the car ferry.

Ferry journey from Skiathos to Glossa in Skopelos island is approx 20 minutes on the Flying Dolphin/Cat or 30 minutes on the car ferry.

Ferry journey from Skiathos to Skopelos Town is approximately 45 minutes on the Flying Dolphin/Cat or 1hr on the car ferry.

Hellenic Seaways operate most of the ferry services to these islands all year round. Further information can be found on their website by clicking here, During the summer months Nel Lines also operate a number of services to Skopelos from a variety of mainland locations and also from other islands, you can see their web site here

If you would like any further help making your travel arrangements to Skopelos please feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.